Welcome to Your Garden Center

 Lynchs Garden Center is located in the beautiful beach community of Southampton, NY. This family owned business has been serving the community with horticultural and gardening needs for over 80 years.

Store Hours

Monday - Friday 8-5:30
Saturday 8-6
Sunday - 9-3

Latest Articles

Gardener’s Calendar (November & December)

Gardener's Calendar

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Winter Warmth with a Chimenea

Gardening Basics

Is it just a bit chilly to sit outside and enjoy your fall or winter garden? Hundreds of years ago, Mexicans had the same problem. They solved it by making chimeneas and using them for heat and cooking. Continue reading

Holiday Pairings: Poinsettias & Chrysanthemums

In The Greenhouse

Poinsettias and chrysanthemums go together like, well, holidays and happiness! If you’ve been plunking down your poinsettias all by themselves, it’s time to jazz it up and give them some decorating companionship. White mums provide a crisp background making those poinsettias POP! Continue reading