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 Lynchs Garden Center is located in the beautiful beach community of Southampton, NY. This family owned business has been serving the community with horticultural and gardening needs for over 80 years.

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Monday - Friday 8-5:30
Saturday 8-6
Sunday - 9-5

Latest Articles

Season of the Ficus

In The Greenhouse

Houseplants transform a house into a home. The ficus group includes four popular small trees grown as houseplants, each looking very different from one another. Wonderful as gifts, smaller plants continue growing and reminding the recipient of the good wishes given along with the plant. Continue reading

Winter Silhouettes

In The Nursery

Winter provides us the opportunity to examine our landscape silhouette. Combining varying heights, shapes and forms not only increases winter interest, but it also provides the framework for summer leaves, flowers and colors. So, how’s your garden’s silhouette shaping up? Continue reading

Christmas Fairy Gardens

Winter Garden

Let the magic of miniature fairy gardens give you the Christmas you’ve always wanted. You can create the garden and entry of your dreams without breaking the bank, redoing your landscaping or remodeling! Continue reading