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 Lynchs Garden Center is located in the beautiful beach community of Southampton, NY. This family owned business has been serving the community with horticultural and gardening needs for over 80 years.

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Bulbs: Increasing Your Yield

Gardening Basics

When you visit our garden center, you’ll find an incredible variety of autumn “bulbs.” Although they may look strange, these “ugly ducklings” become beautiful swans in your spring garden. It’s hard to imagine how these odd lumps can grow underground and become so gorgeous. Plant them now for an incredible floral display next spring and summer. Continue reading



Now is the time to save on so much in our store. All outdoor pottery is on sale:  All glazed … Continue reading

Autumn Horticultural Oil Application

What's Bugging You

Perhaps you’ve heard about “dormant oil.” Or “horticultural oil.” Or summer oil, superior oil or all season oil. Confused? Let’s make this simple… Continue reading