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 Lynchs Garden Center is located in the beautiful beach community of Southampton, NY. This family owned business has been serving the community with horticultural and gardening needs for over 80 years.

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Monday - Saturday 8-6
Sunday - 9-5

Latest Articles

Sweet Peas, the “Queen of Annuals”

In The Greenhouse

For many of us, it’s the sweet pea that declares, “spring is here!” The colors and sweet fragrance announce the coming of warmer days like no other. Continue reading

Protecting Our Pollinators

What's Bugging You

Every garden requires pollinators, and bees are among the finest. Without them there would be limited flowers and far fewer fruits and vegetables. Did you know that about 30% of the food we eat depends on the pollination of bees? Continue reading



While we all wait for  warmer weather to come out of hiding, here at lynchs we are beginning to show signs … Continue reading